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Episode 8 – Pink Ladies interview

Not so much an interview, but a group chat with Pink Ladies. While I did have a quite structured list of questions, and had only planned to raise gender at a certain point, it seems you just can’t ignore what is still unfortunately the elephant in the room, and thus the issue of it being a troupe of women is raised within the first minute, and stays pretty much the focus until the end. They joked, they laughed, they drowned each other out for much of it, but what lies within is a great insight into why, regardless of gender, troupes are so important for the continued development and reinvention of improv in Sydney. We are in exciting times indeed.

Episode8.mp3 (46 MB, 57m 4s)

Recorded on 11th September 2010, after their final rehearsal before opening night, with a small child running around at the time. So, situation normal. Pink Ladies interviewed were Linette Voller, Sophie Long, Cindy Tonkin, Jess Mallett, Jane Simmons, Karena Thomas, Louise McManus, Lucie Booker, Linda Calgaro and Erin Foy.

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